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Love at first sight!!!

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    I want to dedicate this thread to discussing and sharing moments of love at first sight, I will start with mine.

    Hmmm. There she was at least I though she never existed but Angels do walk on earth;)

    On night I never wanted to go out that night, but I was convinced by the crew that if I was to go to a party it should be this one. So I said to myself what the heck what have I got to loose. I just figured to myself it might of been just another party boring mediocre nothing or no one special to write home about. But was I in for a pleasant surprise, when I arrived at the party it was nothing or nowhere that I have imagined. At first glanced I was impressed and amused and I am not often impressed. The women were all beautiful the music was inspirational with celebrity appearance. Damn I was having fun already before I even went inside. I remember thinking to myself I never seen so many uniquely beautiful women (Gods art) in one room.

    I never even assumed things could get better, shortly after I arrived there she was just for a second I seen her but amongst all those beautiful women she stood out. Was she real how was this possible was my eyes deceiving me. So I calmed myself patiantly awaiting to find her. Several minutes later I am inside instinctively walk to the center of the room and awe there she was again directly in the middle of the red and black soft leather couches sorrounded by her beautiful female friends which I was overlooking of course. I didn’t really notice them. I just knew I had to go to her so I did we were chatting it up all night all the other women just didn’t seem interesting anymore. Even her fiend that had a crush on me for years was sitting beside her and I never notice until about half an hour in. She really had me in a daze. Meeting her changed me I finally understood at that moment that I was capable bieng with one women for the rest of my life with out even having interest in other beautiful women that may persue me.

    The best part is as physically attractive as she might have been that was least important attraction factor!! And neither was sex? Is was just perfect that I knew than and still now that this will never happen again…
    I have seen two other women I would compare as physically attractive as her but I had no interest or geniune attraction towards them something was different about her something was special about her like an otherworldly connection like I knew her already…

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